Hospitality is defined as the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, and it may be one of humanity’s most beautiful gestures. Hospitality  industry is about bringing all kinds of  people together.

When extra care and attention to detail are involved, being selective in choosing hotels is about making sure that certain prerequisites are met. Because every trip takes us outside of our comfort zone, travelers need to know what they are heading at.

People with special needs and their families want to feel reassured that their vacation destination will really offer them safety, comfort and peace of mind. Kids with special social needs such as mental disabilities and their families deserve a place where they are all able to enjoy a family vacation, without hostile looks from hotel staff and guests.

When other guests give ‘the look’ to an autistic child the whole family is stressed out. Stares, rude comments, or judgments by others only make those involved feel very uncomfortable and distressed.

All people in the world have the right to a vacation where they can relax and enjoy a break from routine. For families where there is a member with some type of mental disability it is already a challenge as travel is not easy.

When fellow travelers are not compassionate when confronted with what they deem an out of control child, the family’s vacation turns into a combination of frustration and disappointment.