SELENI SUITES IN GREECE- The Perfect Retreat for Senior Age


Moving to another country isn’t just about finding a new place to live with better weather and a more affordable lifestyle. It’s also about improving the quality of the life you lead.


  • exorbitant utility bills
  • polluted atmosphere
  • heavy and noisy traffic
  • Stressful pace of life

Give yourselves what you well deserve:

  • peace and beauty
  • inexpensive cost of living
  • safety
  • social life & great experiences

The Highlands of Peloponnese offer the perfect climate, mild winters and cool summers, refreshing air, rejuvenating landscapes, tree lined canyons, seducing rivers and lakes, lush green mountains everywhere.

SELENI SUITES  is situated next to the village community of Vytina, renowned for its superb climate, right on the long unspoiled side of Mount Menalo, in the heart of Peloponnese.  It is located 180 kilometers away from Athens, 120 kilometers away from the airport of Kalamata, 45 kilometers away from the capital of Arcadia, Tripoli and  it is in close proximity to popular towns of rare beauty, such as Olympia, Mycenae, Epidaurus, and Nayplio.

SELENI SUITES BOUTIQUE DELUXE HOTEL has been created to provide a memorable vacation experience to guests from all around the world. The magnificent forest and the glorious Greek Sun, the beauty of the surrounding scenery and the highest operating and quality standards are blended together to please even the most demanding individual, creating a luxurious atmosphere beyond any expectation. As a result, a truly inspiring product has been created, offering the perfect combination of tranquility, exhilarating outdoor adventure, fabulous food and wine and a friendly, down-to-earth atmosphere.

Heaven on Earth!

Live a comfortable worriless life at an affordable cost of living in a luxurious environment.

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