Rafting at its best. Loussios river is where Zeus used to bathe himself! In the spectacular densely vegetated gorge and in the river’s crystal clear waters, we invite you to enjoy rafting and discover the hidden natural paradise of the area. The descent is of 2nd degree of difficulty, starting from Lousios, continuing to Alfios River, and ending to the spectacular bridge of “Koukos”.  Although Ladonas River is considered to be among the most difficult rivers of Greece, it is suitable even for beginners. In combination with the impressive wild scenery, the area is classified among the most advantageous when it comes to rafting and kayak. Neda stems from Lykaio Mountain and after 32 km of winding road, it pours in the Ionian Sea. The myth worthy of the exotic miracle, has to do with divine powers: when Rhea gave birth to Zeus, she was forced to trust her baby to Neda nymph to protect the cruel instincts of Saturn Neda grew the little God of Gods along with Theisoa and Agno, and gave its name to this river that is really unique. The crossing develops in the most beautiful part of the wooded gorge, passing through natural pools, narrow walls, underground caves and spectacular waterfalls.

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